Pain all over

  1. Pain all over

    Any suggestions for help with joint pain? My left wrist and into my thumb hurt like a son of a [email protected]#* especially when I bench. My righ shoulder has also started acting up as well.
    Do they sell any kind of wrist/hand braces for lifting or maybe an ace bandage? It just sucks being in a really good routine and having to deal with this. I've been sucking it up for a while, but it's starting to really impact the quality of my workouts.
    I needed to vent, and any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  2. When you bench do you wrap your thumbs around the bar and flex your wrists so your forarms make a straight line? Or do you have your wrists bent back into almost a 90 degree? Keep them locked straight and it takes the pressure off. And yes you can get some wraps just for your wrists, I got a pair of basic elastic Harbinger brand at ****'s Sports for about $10. I like them alot when going heavy.

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