Critique my routine ...eleventyone

  1. Critique my routine ...eleventyone

    I am on a bulk at the moment and also on 130mg T enth per week possibly moving up to 175mg in the future, this is TRT not a cycle.
    Currently on a calorie surplus of about 400calories per day so I am more worried about undertraining than overtraining and also concerned about muscular balance and leaving anything out.

    Arms are my weakness particularly triceps which if I dont train directly hold me back on bench, I always train them on the same day as chest so they recover in sync rather than still being sore/weak when they should be helping with bench.
    I really want my shoulders to excel hence why they are isolated twice per week. I have purposely left out any anterior delt work as for me they grow enough in comparison to the other deltoids with the current exercises.

    This routine is an upper/lower split but only hitting legs and core once per week.

    Day 1(Tue)
    Lat Pulldown 10x3
    Bent over DB Row 10x3
    Decline DB Bench 10x2
    Incline DB Bench 10x2
    Lying Side Lateral Raise 10x2
    DB Rear Delt Row 10x2
    Decline Skull Crushers 10x2
    Decline CG Bench 10x1 (Done with same bar weight as Skulls)

    Day 2(varies)
    Hyper Extensions 10x4
    Vertical Knee Raise 10x4
    DB Shrugs 10x2
    Leg Press 10x4
    Hamstring Curls 10x3
    Calf Raises 12x3

    Day 3 (Saturday)
    Chin ups 10x3
    Bent Over DB Row 10x3
    Flat DB Bench 10x3
    Lying Side Lateral Raises 10x2
    DB Rear Delt Row 10x2
    Decline Skull Crusher 10x2
    Decline CG Bench (Same bar and weight as above)

  2. I see a lot of people have viewed this but no replies, I have been told its not enough volume, what do you guys think?

  3. so you do the same thing tues and sat?
    can you not deallift, squat, and do OH presses?

  4. I cant do OH presses cause of my shoulders, squats and deadlifts I dont feel comfortable with at the moment but I would possibly give them a shot later on if I feel upto it.
    I develop trouble in my joints easily even now with skulls which I might take cissus for as I love skulls too much and if it turns out to do me good I will give squats and deads a go.

    I do almost the same thing tue and sat, the only differences are lat pulldowns are swapped with chinups, flat db bench is swapped for incline and decline db bench.

  5. Well you won't ever get comfortable with squats and deadlifts if you never do them. Start light and make sure you have someone experienced helping you get your form correct. Take it slow and think about what you are doing. Your legs and back will hurt like hell the first week or two, so don't go crazy the first time you do them. If I have been out of the gym for a bit, I only do about 4 sets of squats or deads, going at about 50-60%max weight since I like to be able to move the next couple days. So as a beginner I recommend only doing 4-5 sets MAX the first time you do these exercises.

  6. Add in the big 3 at your earliest convenience. Think about using the seated press as well if you are having trouble with Military's.


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