How's This split ?

  1. How's This split ?

    This is my lean muscle gain/ mild fat loss routine.I kinda pieced this together.
    I will work 4 different exercises per muscle group in sets of 3, around
    the 8-12 rep range. I will also squeeze in abs/ light cardio in 3 times a week.
    Tell me what you think

    Day 1 chest/ abs*
    Day 2 rest
    Day 3 back/ traps/ abs
    Day 4 legs * *
    Day 5 tris *
    Day 6 rest
    Day 7 bis/ delts **

  2. Depending on if you deadlift and shrug for back, then do squats the next day. If so I would switch them up. Maybe like this:

    day 1 chest abs
    day2 legs
    day 3 rest
    day4 tris
    day 5 back/traps/abs
    day6 rest
    day 7 bis/delts

    Maybe delts with tris instead of the day before chest again.

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