1. Thumbs down hernia

    hernia in the lower abs section .should i stop training until i get it fixed or keep training with caution?btw i'm halfway through my second bottle of prime and i really don't want to waste what i have already taken.loving the prime.

  2. help would be greatly appreciated.thanks

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    Ive got the same thing m8..... on the lower right side of my abs in my groin (best way i can explain it) ive had it for years maybe 4-5+. Im a personal trainer by trade and do weight training of course so i was worried it would interfere with things i did in the bodybuilding industry/areas. I actually got out of training for quite awhile around 2 yrs due to personal commitments and in that time i noticed my hernia to be a lot worse. sometimes i would get throbbing or pain not really painfull but i new it was there. and othertimes it would just be a lil discomfort and i could push it and thats when it would hurt like hell sometimes. For example if i stand upright naked, u can see the lump in my right side just above my penis where the hernia is. So in saying all this when my family and i finally settled down and i finally got the chance to start training properly again after awhile i didnt notice the hernia as much. I dont know if thats due to maybe my muscle getting weak around the area and now have strengthed im not sure. I did go to the doctors though when i started training again and asked him, and he wasnt to concerned at all. He told me that some people in my situation can have hernias like that all there life without any problems. As i mentioned to him i do heavy squats ect ect and like u i didnt want to hurt my self more and have to go into operations and all that.....

    Basically too sum it up the doc told me its no really big problem, but if by all means its stopping me from doing things in my day to day life to go back and see him and take it from there. if it s just a lil discomfort and not stopping u from lifting and going about ur normal day then he wouldnt worry about it........

  4. lild,
    with all due respect to EctoMeso, his physician is giving him poor advice. On second thought, with his personal training occupation, it's absolutely TERRIBLE advice. Repeated contractions of the abdominal muscles WILL make the tear worse. Hernias are dangerous because the possibility of "strangulation" of the intestine can and does happen. That can be deadly or cause severe disability.

    Go to your pcp. He/she will verify if it is a hernia or not. They will refer you to any local general surgeon who can easily "patch" you up. If you get to your doc next week, i bet you'll be in surgery within 2-3 weeks and on your way to recovery.
  5. EctoMeso
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    i not giving ne advice m8... im just telling what i was told by my doc, weather i think its bad advice or not its what i was told, as i had the exact same worries.

  6. thanks celc5 and ectomeso.ecto mine is in the exact same spot,but i am going to get the surgery.i am worried that in the future when i go back to heavy squats and deadlifts,it will pop the mesh.my dad has had a hernia pop out in the same spot three times now.any info on that would be great.can i still train at a lighted load with no straining for now?thanks guys . . . .

  7. Hernias are usually caused by a stress. You should get a form check when you get back to lifting. You're probably doing something not quite right.

  8. EctoMeso,
    no offense towards you intended. IMO you should get a second opinion. While being evaluated, you should stress that your lifestyle and occupation entail heavy repetitive lifting.

    Quote Originally Posted by lild View Post
    can i still train at a lighted load with no straining for now?thanks guys . . . .
    In my opinion, yes. I recommend staying away from squats, deadlifts, and barbell rows primarily. Then, you have to use common sense after that. For me, standing exercises bothered my tear so I cut out upright rows, any standing shoulder isolation raises, and standing barbell curls (to name a few). I just adjusted my plan so that no further stress was put on my core and still was able to maintain up until the surgery.

  9. thanks have you ever been in this sitiuation? because your advice sounds like what i have been doing already.

  10. ive had 3 hernias , one tore twice. but that was a while ago, the faster u get it fixed the better is what i have learned. I waited 6 months to get my third one removed and fixed and by that time the pain was excrutiating , and it was hard to even walk. you wont want to do any running, ab work, squats etc for at least 2-3 months to let it heal. I started playing soccer again within 3 weeks of my second hernia and thats what caused the third one.

  11. this is the stuff that helps me out.thanks sanchez . . . .

  12. Got my first one around 24 years old. My brothers had a couple and my dad's had four hernias. Genetics have a lot to do with it.

    I had one below my stomach and above and left of my junk. My doctor suggested having it fixed sooner rather than later. He did put a mesh in, which theoretically will keep it from recurring in the same place. Overall, I was out of work for a week and took about 6 weeks off of lifting. It took me quite a while to get to the point where I was comfortable with squats, deads and any heavy lifting.

    You can strengthen your core to help prevent hernias but some of us are just genetically cursed(It's all good though, the good looking thing makes up for it).

  13. Quote Originally Posted by lild View Post
    thanks have you ever been in this sitiuation? because your advice sounds like what i have been doing already.
    Yup, I'm 7 weeks post op right now. It feels great to be able to work all day without groin and hip pain

  14. I had an umbilical hernia repaired 5 years ago. Be careful! It took longer to heal than I thought- when you think it's fine after surgery wait a little longer just to be safe. It'll be easier to cause another after the surgery and will take longer to heal. If you've been training hard a little break will have you ready for new growth after you're healed. Good luck!

  15. i had my first inguinal hernia in 7th grade from genetics... it broke back open and i have another one on the other side now. i love it! its like a little friend that always lets me know that im loved. when i cough, i can watch it bulge out right above my penis.

    all joking aside it hurts like hell but the surgeon said i can wait a little bit and theres no immediate rush. my balls sometimes throb all day and i get leg pains. the day after college is out for summer, im going to have them both repaired. i havnt squatted or deadlifted in 3 months. my lower back is getting smaller and my legs are noticeably smaller. when i was in 7th grade i thought it was my balls dropping. luckily i have to get a physical exam for wrestling and they didnt know how i functioned. it was prolly a solid 2" down into my ballsac. they rushed me into surgery within a week, but i could take a shiz, carry my backpack and even going from sitting to standing position felt like i was dying. plz get it fixed. when they get worse, they get worse fast.

    im getting these done laparascopically, they said the recovery is pretty quick. anyone know how long to wait after laparascopic hernia repair to lift upper body? i know im gona stay away from squats and deads for at least 4 months because im never having this happen again, but its summer... and i gotta at least maintain

  16. About 15 days after the surgery, I did a light chest routine. I felt like it was too soon because I could feel some pain and that mesh sort of moving around.

    At about 3 weeks post op, I did 40 reps all week. So it was light and I think I was fine. I didn't do any abs or legs that week.

    4 weeks post op I did like 20-30 reps and added in some light legs and light abs.

    I slowly increased the load and I'm down to 12 reps at 7 weeks post op. I'm feeling pretty good and post op gut is slowly starting to fade


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