draper 3x a week

  1. draper 3x a week

    going for size and a bit of strength if it occurs, got this 3x a week full body off of dave draper online, just wanted opinions on whether or not it's too much volume for 3x a week.


    10 minutes of interval cardio
    Crunches, Leg Raises, Hyperextensions

    Dumbbell Chest Press (2x10-12)
    Cable Crossovers, Pec Dec or Incline Flys (2x10-12)

    Wide Grip Pulldown (2x12)
    Seated Lat Row (2x10-12)

    Dumbbell Shoulder Press (2x10-12)

    Barbell Curls (2x10-12)

    Triceps Press Machine or bench dips (2x10-12)
    Pulley Pushdown (2x12)

    Leg Press or Squats (2x15)
    Semi-stiff Legged Deadlifts (2x15)
    Leg Curl (2x10-12)
    Calf Raises (2x20)

    i've been training for about 3 years, i eat smart, and usually train smart, but wanted a new routine that would allow for quick, intense sessions, with ample recovery time. thanks guys

  2. It looks almost exactly like mine, and Ive been using it for decades, with variations. I do 3 sets on all exercises and increase weights marginally each week. I think its pretty much a hypertrophic format. Draper knows what he's talking about.

  3. Looks fine. Basic and well rounded. Lower volume than I prefer, but that's personal preference.
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  4. Awesome, thanks for the quick replies guys, I'm going to try it out today

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