Arnold's "Golden Six" routine

  1. Question Arnold's "Golden Six" routine

    So I own Ironman's Ultimate BB Encyclopedia (good read), n in the "Training For Mass" chapter it has an article written by Arnold where he recommends this bare-bones full-body routine for quick gains in size apparently. I like simplicity, n I know short, intense routines are good for a classic ectomorph like me, n frankly my time to train usually leaves for want. What y'all think about this?

    Squat 4x10
    Bench Press 3x10
    Chins/Pulldowns 3x10
    Behind-Neck Press 4x10
    Barbell Curl 3x10
    Ab Movement 4x20

    Three alternate days/week (M,W,F for me works). It suggests progression by slowly adding volume of sets after 2-3 month periods, to 4, 5, 6 sets of 10 each movement.

  2. Cant go wrong with big movements, but you could do better. If you want a 3 day a week program thats tried and true, go with westside for skinny bastards, 5/3/1, or madcow 5x5.

    If you are a true "classic ectomorph," equally important to training is claories. Make sure you get plenty, or this discussion is pointless.

  3. That's most likely too much volume too frequently for most people. If I was going to hit a muscle group three times per week, I'd want to use VERY low volume. You could try it and it might work for a week or two, but don't be surprised if you run into a wall very fast. I'd tinker with something like this but alternate between two different workouts. For instance...

    M - Workout A
    T- Off
    W - Workout B
    TR- Off
    F - Workout A
    Sat & Sun - Off
    M - Workout B

    I'm doing something that's like...
    M - Workout A
    T - Workout B
    W - Off
    TR - Workout C (similar to workout A as far as muscles worked, different exercises)
    F - Workout D (similar to workout B, ect..)
    Sat, Sun - Off
    ** I use low volume and high intensity. The longer I've been using this setup, the more I've dropped my volume. Right now I'm doing very low volume at higher frequency and it's working pretty well. My goal is to maintain shape through the summer and I lean up even more. PM me if you want a routine and explanations and stuff. I'm actually going to rework my routine for this next week.


  4. Thanks you guys

  5. On the proper products, this could prove quite the mass builder, heavy weights, lots of food, lots or rest, pretty much I would be concerned with recovery time as the only drawback ie: the muscles physically wont/might not be sufficeintly repaired due to close frequency as was pointed out by Type O Hero.
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