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    just to switch things up thinking of trying a program from arnold's encyclopedia. it's m, w, f is chest, back, quads. and t,th,s is delts, arms, hams. I've been training solid for a little more than 2 years, eating 2500 cals a day at the moment, very high protein, moderate carb, efas, and some saturated. I'm not really trying to gain size, i'm in more of a maintenence phase while trying to gain strength, if i get bigger or more cut in the process, so be it. I was thinking of trying that workout this week just to switch things up, does this seem like it'd be overtraining? thanks guys, i went to first and no help was offered. oh and i'm 20 years old 5'9 165-170, i cut down from 185, i like the size i'm at now, just want to be a bit stronger.

  2. IIRC those programs are really high volume - they come from an era when more was always better. I couldn't do them if I took every set to failure and I just couldn't adapt to a workout style where I did not leave reps 'in the bank.'

    If you are really just looking to maintain I think they would not be the best use of your time. I prefer more efficient routines like DC.

  3. ok man thanks for the info. I agree, i trained upper body on monday and am still quite sore from it, so i'm not even ready to do another upper body to routine if i were to follow the program described. i know sometimes you need to work thru soreness but when my bis hurt just drinking my water jug, i don't want to train them again ya kno? i'll look into DC thanks again

  4. hst is good also
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  5. HST or DC would be a much better choice.
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