Wide Thicker core

  1. Wide Thicker core

    Looking to build a thicker core currently train abs as well as dead lift and do various back rows but am looking for something to thicker me out ex. thick obliques and muscle around ribs

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    Pullovers and squats imo

  3. I do both of those, I'm just looking for more advance lifts for a really thick core. My goal is abs similar to those from the movie 300

  4. First make sure you are squatting and deadlifting heavy. For direct ab work, you can do anything that you can overloading with more weight (standing ab crunches on a pulldown machine, weighted sit-ups, heavy side bends, roman chair sit-ups, etc...). Like any muscle group, you have to overload it with heavier weights to get more thickness.

  5. power cleans. abs like the movie 300 arn't going to come overnight.

  6. nothing comes overnight, I just am looking to get more wide in my obliques

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Gogreek View Post
    ...I just am looking to get more wide in my obliques
    Try weighted side bends - these widen and thicken the obliques.

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