Viral Infection (Sore Throat and General Body Weakness) Please Help

  1. Viral Infection (Sore Throat and General Body Weakness) Please Help

    Long Story Short- i have had a sore throat thelast 3-4 days so I went to the Doc and was told I have a viral infection which she cannot give me any meds and willt ake 7-10 days to go away. I am now experiencing general body ache and i feel weak. Yesterday I was doing pin press bench press lockouts in the power rack and could not budge 495. I had done 565 a week or so prior.

    The problem- I have my first bench press meet in 6 years on April 18. Next wek is a deload week for me and then i have two weeks of hard training and then the week of the competition. What can i do to slow down this thing that is sapping me of strengh this week during my deload week so that I can come back and hopefully improve the two weeks before the meet. I'm taking Spawn and had bridged into that from a 3 week cycle of Mdrol. any advice on what I should be doing generally for my body and what I should be doing about the PH cycle while i'm ill.


  2. have you been checked for glandular fever because your symptoms sound exactly like the start of that which if so means lots of ..... rest. - Could be a whole load of different things but the sore throat/general ache getting gradually worse sounds the same as when I had it. Hopefully its just a mild flu or something and nothing more.

  3. Stay out of the gym. If your body is focused on repairing muscle tissue it is going to slow down the process of fighting off the virus and it is just going to last longer or get worse.

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