bad shin splints need a cure

  1. bad shin splints need a cure

    I have been experiencing some bad shin splints lately. I have been out of the running game for years and have just recently began to ease back into just jogging. After a few minutes of jogging my shins begin to hurt so bad I have to stop. Then i cant run for the rest of the week because they are so sore so I have to hop on the dam bike. My goal is to up my stamina on the track but these splints are keeping me off. anyone have any help they can send my way. anything that has worked to cure your shin splints? I think they came from my calves being much stronger than my shins.. but I don't know.. I am giong to buy a new pair of shoes next week have been currently running in basketball shoes..

  2. The soreness is in you tibialis anterior and extensor. These seem like shin muscles, but are in fact ankle muscles. Your running is working your ankle muscles and tiring them out because they have been neglected. I remember having this a while back when I was a mediocre runner.

    It should get better with time; I wouldn't run through more than 5 minutes of pain though. It just makes working out miserable.

    Also, you would be amazed how poor the running form is on the average person, I know I was amazed how bad my form was. Make sure you are not pronating or supinate your ankle when you run. Your feet should land on the ball almost right below your pelvis, not in front of your body. If you jogging and not running, you should not swing you arms too much. You want to feel a bit like you're falling forward.

    Sorry, that was kinda long.

  3. Ice bath 3 times a day for 10 minutes each session for 1-3 days. Dont run for 1-2 weeks after...
    Got major shinsplints during pre Air Assault training, and the ice baths worked wonders.

  4. I ran track in high school and went to states every year. The only things we were told to do was to warm up and stretch like there in no tomorrow. Just build up your intensity, theres no short term fix. Ibuprofen is your friend to get through your workouts...

  5. What anabolics are you on. Superdrol gave me the exact problem you're having. When I came off it stopped after about 3-4 weeks. Have you tried taurine? Also I used a lot of ibuprofen.

  6. Also check the status of your arches via a podiatrist. I've been having shin splint, achilles tendonitis and mild knee pain and just got casted for orthotics...we'll see.


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