Back Pain

  1. Back Pain

    Pissed off - on first set of my shoulders/lats/traps w/out today did my power cleans with light weight [just 40kg] as a warmup for set of 12 and had ridiculous tightness in lower back, think it was due to some heavy deadlifts a couple days ago which I thought yesterdays rest day would have allowed for. Gunna rest up and hopefully it will heal up - feels like a sore muscle as opposed to some horrible pull but definitely needs some rest.

    Anyone else get frustrated by random injuries like this? Only have 1 more week of this program left so I might give my squats/legs day a miss tomorrow and hopefully continue as normal on monday/tuesday!

    Sorry for the slight rant!

  2. Yeah, I hate that. It's always from outside the gym though. You get a slight tweek from an awkward lift of a box or a bag or something, then pound it open with a proper but heavy lift of the same muscle. Specifically the lower back.

    Just don't ever leave the gym any you'll be fine.

  3. Yeah.. My nightmare comes from work.. I am a chef so I am standing on my feet for 8 hours straight mostly in the same place and my knees start to get tired... Then I get off work and realize its squat day

  4. yeah its just annoying how it was on a 'warmup' lift! Definitely feeling minimal pain so far today so hopefully a bit of rest will sort it out!

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