help me build lats

  1. help me build lats

    Hi everybody,

    I am starting a modified german volume training as of yesterday. Today I would like to workout back than bicep. I have really weak back and I want more width at the top of my back. When I say modified I mean I like it more balanced ten of ten with a single exercise wont hit all parts of my back. I really do need my lats at the very top near arm pits to widen.

    whats a good routine for back and arms. keep in mind im awful at pull ups no more than 5 per set at my best. can you also recomend what percentage of 1rm as well so i know what to start with.

    I have been training for several years under no method other than listening and feeling my body and it has worked well for me. im 23 all natural except fromestane occasionally

  2. if you want lats and back dead lift ,half dead lift and t-bar rows. half deads i think are the best i do not have a 1rm. i go as hi as i can with good form. if your back starts arching back off a bit.

  3. cool I thought deads were more middle back but i have never tried half deads i will look it up

  4. Lats = Pullups and Deadlifts.

    Rhomboids, Trapeziums = Barbell Rows And Face Pulls.
    Former Marine, UT-BSN, NSCA-CPT, NASM-CPT, CSCS

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