Whats ur opinion?

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    Whats ur opinion?

    Hay guys found this while looking around the net, was chasing something that mixs mostly strength with size gains thrown in the mix and this is what i found..

    whats AI's opinion?

    3x3 routine
    here is an article i wrote about a program i used to do, it was rough but it works

    german block training
    ok routine is called german block training or the 3x3. program is 3days a wk one day of rest seperating each day. mon, wed , fri or tues thurs sat. etc. program is 8 wks.
    1st 4 wks every day you squat press and deadlift. no auxillary work is needed due to the amount of core lifts you are doing(sounds odd, but it works!!!)
    wk 1 58% squat 5 sets 5 reps ,8 sets of 6 reps in the press ,and dead 5 sets of 5
    wk 2 60% same rep scheme
    wk3 62%
    wk4 64%

    wk 5-8 are diferent, here is where the fun begins.

    wk 5 monday squat 80% 2 sets of 1, press 6 sets of 4 60%, dead 3 sets of 3 60%

    wed squat 60% 3s of 3r, press 80% 2 sets of 1 rep, dead 3sets of 3 60%

    fri squat 60% 3s of 3r, press 6 sets of 4 reps 60%, dead 2 sets of 1 80%

    wk 6 follow last wks same rep scheme, still use 60% for the lighter speed days, and 85% for your max effort days on squat, press and dead.

    wk 7 90% for max efort exerises, still 60% for the dynamic or speed exercises

    wk 8 95% for max efort exerises, still 60% for the dynamic or speed exercises

    sets and reps are the same from wks 5-8 and the days exercises are the same. after wk 8, take a wk of lifting off and the following wk max out. then use you new max numbers and you can do the program again, this type of training can be done year round. back to back to back.....etc.

    to start take your current max numbers,add 20 pounds to your current squat max, 10 to your press , and 15 to the deadlift and use the percentages from these numbers to figure out what weights you will use.

    side note, this works great for peaking for a meet. also feel free to try chains, bands, board presses, sumo or conventional, deads. you can rotate execises per day just like west side does"conjugate method" especially with the speed/dynamic effort exercises and all the exercises in the first 4 wks. pick one per day!!!! for example dont do half your presses with boards and the flip over to bands for the last few sets. if you want to do boards, do just boards for the entire day. then the next work out day, you can do all bands and so and so on. this is a template, you can fill in the blanks yourself. the program was intended for straight weight, but it can be done using todays new resistance methods. accomadate for band and chain weight and lower the straight weight percentage by 10, 15 or 20 %. if using board presses, rack presses, partiial squats and deadllifts, add 10,15. or 20% to the straight weight numbers. don't alter the max effort percentages or exercises for this program!!!!! do them the way you would max out or the form and technique you would use in a contest.
    if you must do some auxillary exercises, be my guest,keep them light and brief, no high volume or heavy resistance, you will get enough from doing the three major lifts 3 times a wk. confused? just ask.

    Phase I- Weeks 1-4 - High Volume Phase: By doing a lot of sets and reps you will reach a high volume during phase I. This set and rep scheme builds muscle mass, strength and helps to improve your coordination and technique on each of the competition lifts.

    Summary: Phase I Day l
    squat: 5-8x5
    bench: 6-8x6
    deadlift: 5-8x5 Day 2
    squat: 5-8x5
    bench: 6-8x6
    deadlift: 5-8x5 Day 3
    squat: 5-8x5
    bench: 6-8x6
    deadlift: 5-8x5

    Summary: Phase II Day l
    squat: 3x3
    bench: 5x4
    deadlift: 1-2x1 Day 2
    squat: 3x3
    bench: 1-2x1
    deadlift: 3x3 Day 3
    squat: 1-2x1
    bench: 5x4
    deadlift: 3x3

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    also if i was to start this program on monday i started a cycle of MD so would it be more beneficial for me to start with the strength phase 1st during cycle so im stronger for the volume phase orr dont **** with it?

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