Poll: What kind of split do you follow?

what kind of split do you use?

  1. what kind of split do you use?

    what kind of split workout have you found to work best for you? Also what do you do on each day?

  2. When I was a beginner three day full body routines were all I done.

    My favorite right now is upper body/lower body with 2 days for upper body and 2 days for lower body. The way I set it up is like this

    Monday- Upper Body, Push Dominant, horizontal push/pull, vertical push/pull, triceps
    Tuesday- Lower Body, Quad Dominant, 2 quads, 1 posterior chain, 2 abs
    Wednesday- Off
    Thursday- Upper Body, Pull Dominant, vertical pull/push, horizontal pull/push, biceps
    Friday- Lower Body, Posterior Chain Dominant, 2 posterior chain, 1 quads, 2 abs

    Or I'll do this.

    Monday- Horizontal Emphasis, Vertical Maintenance
    Tuesday- Posterior Chain Emphasis, Quad Maintenance
    Thursday- Vertical Emphasis, Horizontal Maintenance
    Friday- Quad Emphasis, Posterior Chain Maintenance

    One or the other. I'm on a full body right now to break a strength plateau, which I've already done, but upper body and lower body (4 days) are my favorite.
    Former Marine, UT-BSN, NSCA-CPT, NASM-CPT, CSCS

  3. KK, could you show an example of workouts for the 4 day split? I know what you mean, I just don't know what to interpret when you say "dominant"

  4. Lately ive been doing this its modified to what i feel like doing during the week.

    Day 1: Chest, Tris
    Day 2: Cardio, ABs
    Day 3: Back, Bi's
    Day 4: Legs
    Day 5: Light Upper Body
    Day 6: Cardio, abs
    Day 7: Light Lower Body

    This split is rather different its something ive been trying out because i dont like doing each body part once a week, SO i'll hit it hard during each primary time then i'll do whatever i feel necasary on light day always a variation of the main day like i'll involve pushups or dumbell work depending on what i did earlier.

  5. i use branch warrens 5 day split... just feels good and seems to work really well for me

  6. sunday-calves& quads

  7. 5 day

    Sunday: Back
    Monday: Chest
    Tuesday: cardio/abs
    Wednesday: Legs
    Thursday: Shoulders
    Friday: Arms
    Saturday: cardio/abs


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