major question on a proportionate body!!!

  1. major question on a proportionate body!!!

    I've been training since I was 16 after my mother told me we should try weight watchers (how humbling?). I've made great progress after losing 40lbs and have been building ever since. But I've also ran into a lot of obstacles including, 8 blood clots (not all at once), internal bleeding, and a severe flu that lost me 12lbs. Not to mention gym injuries. One of the most prominent has been my left shoulder. Each time that I've been hospitalized it's been the same routine, I lose a lot of weight (yet somehow gain an inch or 2 around my waist) and I rebuild bigger and better than before. I have a large chest and a decent back that I'm proud of, with the rest of my body also above satisfactory as I am happy with my progression, except for my shoulders. My shoulders are not terrible and it's not like they don't grow, but their size are not proportionate to the rest of my body. I have a decent "v" starter ( I say starter because like like the rest of my body, I'm still progressing and have plenty more to improve), but my shoulders don't help. How can I increase my size in my shoulders so that they fit my chest and back? Should I train them 2x a week or murder them one day a week and just pray they grow further? Any help is much appreciated!!!

  2. This may be hard to answer without a pic. When you say shoulder do you mean you anterior deltoids, traps, or the deltoid as it covers the side of your arm? Because, people often think that their arms are not as big as they should be, even though they are in fine proportion.

  3. Good point, I'll try to upload a pic soon. It's mainly my overall mass of my shoulders. I have a decent shape because I've always put extra emphasis on my posterior delts whether it's reverse cable flyes or bent over lateral raises. So it's really not one part or the other.

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