5x5 question

  1. 5x5 question

    Ok so if I do squats 3 times a week. How do I progress ? Do I add 5 pounds on each day which would equal to 15 pounds per week? For example

    monday 5x 225

    tuesday 5x 230

    friday 5x 235

    Also would light cardio in between those days help with recovery?.

  2. It should be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Yes, you add 5 lbs each workout. When this stalls, you would take a light squatting session on Wednesday and focus on your deadlift as your big lift Wednesday. Something like this...

    Squat: 5x5
    Bench: 5x5
    BB Row: 5x5
    Pullups: 3x10

    Deadlift: 5x5
    Press: 5x5
    Chins: 5x5
    Light Squat: 3x5

    Squat: 5x5
    Bench: 5x5
    BB Row: 5x5
    Pullup: 5x5

    That is when you need to take a light day for better recovery.
    Former Marine, UT-BSN, NSCA-CPT, NASM-CPT, CSCS

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