Bench/Squat Gain after Cycle

  1. Bench/Squat Gain after Cycle

    Just curious as to what your gains have been from pre-cycle to post-PCT on Bench/Squat.

    I am about to start a 10 week 750 mg Sus cycle and wondering if I might be able to increase my Bench max from 235 to 300, +65 lbs, an average of 6.5 lbs a week. Anyone experienced gains this big?

  2. With 4-6 week oral cycles usually 30 pounds is a good average for me on compounds, with an extra rep or two. I don't think going up too fast is good for joints or tendons, really.
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  3. I forget what my friend was taking at the time, but his bench went from barely 300 to 365 back in summer. After PCT he was getting maybe 320, but now he's back up to 340 and keeping it steady. I wouldn't say it is too much out of your league. FWIW I went from doing 185 max in summer to doing 250+ now. Are you going to do low reps and get stronger or try and get bigger? Obviously strength training would probably get you there faster.

  4. that goal is not unrealistic ... if your around 20 - 26 you should be good to go if you push yourself. When I was 24 I achieved comparable gains,

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