Workout Routine check it out tell me what you think

  1. Workout Routine check it out tell me what you think

    Day 1 Chest, Triceps
    1. Bench 3x6
    2. Dumbbell 3x10
    3. Decline 3x10
    4. Dumbbell 3x10
    5. Incline 3x10
    6. Dumbbell 3x10
    7. Dumbbell flies 3x10
    8. Close Grip Bench 3x10
    9. Behind the Head extension 3x10
    10. One arm extensions 3x10
    11. Skull crushers 3x10

    Day 2 Back, Biceps, forearms
    1. Dead lift 3x8
    2. Bent over rows 3x10
    3. Shrugs 4x10
    4. Dumbbell Shrugs 4x10
    5. Good mornings 3x10
    6. front lat pull downs 3x10
    7. Dumbbell rows 3x10
    8. Seated rows 3x10
    9. Upright rows 4x10
    10. Curls 4x10
    11. Dumbbell Curls 4x10
    12. Forearm Curls 4x10
    13. Reverse Curls 4x10
    14. Preacher curls 3x10

    Day 3 Legs, Shoulders
    1. Squats 4x8
    2. Leg Press 4x10
    3. Power cleans 3x8
    4. Dumbbell lunges 3x10
    5. Calf raises 4x10
    6. Leg extensions 4x10
    7. Leg curls 4x10
    8. Shoulder press 3x10
    9. Behind the neck military press 3x10
    10. One arm dumbbell front raises 3x10
    11. Dumbell latteral raises 3x10
    12. Side dumbbell raises 3x10
    13. Dumbbell shoulder press 3x10
    13. Arnold Press 3x10

    Day 4- Rest

    let me know what you think bout this workout routine and if you would change or add anything to it

  2. I wouldn't add anything, but drop about 1/2 of your exercises for every day.

    If you're using any kind of weight, you shouldn't make it halfway anyhow.....waaaaayyyy too much.

    But since you did take some time to figure all that out, I would do a DC recommendation and take from your list a major lift for a major body part, for week 1, then another for week 2, another for week 3, etc.....I mean, with all those exercises you listed, you could go quite awhile. Hard to explain but I think you may get it. Like do all your even numbers one week, then odd numbers the next (from your list)

    Here's my back day...

    Deadlift 3x8
    Rows 3x8
    Pullups 3x8

    Once I can go 8,8, 10, I'll add weight and do 3x8 again.

    Doesn't seem like much, but I use pretty heavy weight and hit about every muscle used to pull sh!t. Forearms and bi's will burn, and I don't do any type of curl to get them to grow.....Compounds!!!!

    Simple and effective!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  3. Waynaferd had some good advice, my back day is actually the same just different reps. I like to give legs their own day. I'm usually too exhausted to do much after my heavy squat sets. Same with deadlifts.. taxes me pretty good. SL-DL after my heavy deads = K.O.

  4. looks good!

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