1. Overtraining?

    Hello everyone I was wondering if you all could take a look at my workout and see if I'm over training or just give some advice. I am currently doing OVT. The workout is as follows:

    Day 1: Chest and Back
    Day 2: Legs and Abs
    Day 3: Biceps and Triceps
    Day 4: Shoulders
    Day 5: Off Day

    I tried the every other day off like it said but I felt like I wasn't working each muscle group enough. I am eating around 4000-5000 calories a day with about 250-300 grams of protein.

  2. Split looks fine. I do 6 days on and i dont feel that i overtrain.

  3. Ok cool, also I was wondering what your sleep is like? I get 7-9 hours every night but I am usually still tired mid day for some reason. What is a good amount of sleep and what is "average" for someone who lifts?

  4. Put an extra rest day in the middle bud..see if that helps. Also you may want to increase your caloric intake a bit.

  5. Your probably tired mid day because your in the gym too much. Put another rest day in there, maybe even two. What kind of exercises do you do each day, how many reps?

  6. I would do:

    MON: On
    Tues : On
    Wed : rest
    Thur: On
    Fri: on
    Sat & Sun: Rest

    then start back again on monday. But then again that's my opinion.

  7. Monday: Chest and back-------------------------Monday

    Tuesday: Tris and Bis---------------Tuesday

    Wednesday: Shoulders/traps/legs------------Wednesday

    Thursday: Rest----Thursday

    Friday: Chest and Back----Friday

    Saturday ------Rest


    Monday----Tris and Bis


    Wednesday ------rest

    Thursday—Chest and back

    Friday---Tris and bis


    Sunday --------rest


    Continue following above pattern…essentially it is a 3 day on 1 day of schedule but the weekends are also used as rest days and the workout resumes its pattern after the Sunday according to where you left off on the Friday. Consider the 1st day your chest/back day and the 1st day doesn’t have to start on a Monday…it can start on any mid week day. What ever mid week day it starts on, just follow the above pattern. This works well for me. I also have my weeks off so I get plenty of rest. Adjust your food intake for the days that you may need more energy.

    It may take some trial and error on your part knowing which exercises to incorporate. For instance..since Im doing shoulders following the two previous days of chest/back and tris/bis, Im going to do a lot of rear delt work on my shoulder day seeing as though my front delts got some work on the previous days from the pushing exercises.


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