help with changing up my workout routine

  1. help with changing up my workout routine

    ive been looking on the forums and on other sights about different workout routines, but most of the things on thier i cant realy do with the limited equipment i have. i use the fieldhouse at my old HS because its free and i like the environment i can play music as loud as i want and play whatever i want on the radio. unfortunately the only equipment that is thier is free weights dip machine, squat, incline, bench, leg press, etc. no machines that are availible at gyms. but i would like some help with making a new workout routine because ive been doin the same one for a while.

  2. If you want to put on mass try (depending on level of fitness)

    Starting Strength Novice/Beginner Programs
    Madcow/Bill Starr Intermediate 5x5

    If you want to recompose, take a look at


    Google any of this for info, see what looks good to you. They all can be done with limited equipment.

  3. Be creative with your workouts with what you have available. Try and think outside the box. Try new things and if it works for you, awesome. If not revamp and try again. Crossfit is a great place to get ideas for workouts because you dont need much equipment for them.

  4. If you want to put on mass and your a beginner stick with your simple compound movements. Bench press , squats , pullups, deadlifts, leg press, dips looks like you got everything. Should payoff

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