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    I have done a pretty good job of building mass on my chest and really getting a good base. I have pretty decent striations and looks for the mid chest area, but I need help making my chest wider/ or at last appear wider. I have pretty low body fat and so a great job of staying on a clean diet.. bulk or cut. I am currently in the middle of a 10 week LBM bulk and just had my body fat taken at just over 10%.

    I would assume flys and wide grip exercises are what I want to focus on?? maybe really get after bent arm pull-overs and close grip pull-ups to hit the seratus and pull the lower chest up and in?? I really want that look where the upper outside of your picts extends out passed your rib cage as opposed to a bubbled chest..

    Should I focus more on decline or incline press as oppossed to flat bench. I have found that the flat bench is giving me good pop to my chest, but not wider - just sticking further out. I am short wasted the wider I can get my back and chest the better my torso will look... jsut looking for some good excersies and ideas based on past experience/results of some others..


  2. One thing that widened out my chest was using a lot more dumbells, due to wider range of motion. When you make sure you get a maximum streatch at the bottom. Also wide grip always worked for me also. And of course dumbell flys.

  3. Depending on the attachment area, you may always appear to have a narrow chest. Keep variety, I actually find better outer chest development from barbells, but to each their own
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  4. wide grip bench, weighted dips, flys ( incline, flat, or decling, pec deck they all work great but its all going to come down to genetics in a way. everybodies muscles loo different but you can do those exercies to help out as much a possible. anything wide grip will add mass to the outer pec.

  5. A lot of genetics come into play on this one, but i do find barbell and dips are great. If you can find a tapered bar to dips, then go as wide as possible or what is comfortable for you. you will def feel that in the outter part of your chest



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