burn more calories Powerlifting then bodybuilding??

  1. burn more calories Powerlifting then bodybuilding??

    it seems really weird but ive noticed when i have followed a bodybuilding type routine i put on weight easily (not necessarly good weight).. oatmeal etc would make me gain weight. I also could only have maybe 1-3 cheat meals a week.

    Now that i have been following PL routine regliously.. one ME bench and one ME squat/deadlift day and 2 assitance days a week. I can eat more healthy foods (5-7) protien filled meals and thats counting two shakes.. and maybe a chicken sandwich or 2 and some candy or ice cream from some fast food joints and i look leaner? my abs show more im stronger and my bodyweight is at a steady 183...

    Is this weird to you guys? I mean im significantly leaner powerlifting while eating more junk foods rather than bodybuilding and eating clean??!?!
    not that i mind at all.

  2. yup its true when I used to do a 4-day routine of individual body parts, it took me 3 months to lose 5 lbs, but the same time nxt year when i started power lifting , I lost around 12lbs in the same time frame,

    So in a nutshell I did notice it too....

  3. How you should train depends on your experience and goals. Using a full body 5x5 at first, even if your into bodybuilding, will make your lifts (and bodyweight if you're eating enough) explode. After you develop this strength and get the best out of your newbie gains, then I would look into an upper/lower split or HST type set up. DC is pretty awesome too though.
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  4. i borrowed my gf at the times wrist band heart beat calorie thing for runners.

    i burnt 833 in a DE squat session
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  5. Pretty simple explanation: the use of large muscle groups/multiple muscle groups vs. single small muscle groups.

    If a leg day is driving a 16 wheeler 100 miles, than an arm day is driving a Fiat 100 miles. Which will use more gas?

  6. **** 833 for de squats wow

  7. Quote Originally Posted by brownstown89 View Post
    **** 833 for de squats wow
    squats + the other couple lifts. was about 45-50min session
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  8. I dunno. If you're still doing compounds, but higher volume BB sets, you will burn more calories doing this vs low volume low rep powerlifting sets.

    I've been training 5/3/1, and low reps don't really get the metabolism going like high volume does. My assistance work kicks my ass. Ever since I added in 15x5 periodization bible assistance work in, I'm sweating like mad, and need to eat more to keep up. I don't sweat much at all when doing the main lift, even if it's deads for 3 sets of 5, which is one of the toughest days.

    But on squat day for example, try lighter sets of squats for assistance work (Boring But Big or Periodization Bible), like 10x5 or 15x5, and guaranteed you will be sweating all over and trying to catch your breath.

  9. You may not feel like you are expending as many calories, but heavy lifting does have a high metabolic output, especially post exercise.


  10. Quote Originally Posted by ZiR RED View Post
    You may not feel like you are expending as many calories, but heavy lifting does have a high metabolic output, especially post exercise.

    Even if it's very low reps & sets? Overall it seems as though the work is much less with low reps. If only strictly strength training, I can walk away from my workout feeling like I didn't really do much.

    Isn't strength training more of a CNS thing, while volume work definitely works & fatigues your muscle a lot more? The volume work also takes forever to finish, and leaves me feeling exhausted/sore/etc.


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