reverse grip bench press

  1. reverse grip bench press

    has anyone here been doing these for a while? how much success have you had with them. just started doing them a few days ago and you can really feel it.

    any recommendations,tips or how to place them in routines.any bad results?


  2. I use them in place of decline hits the bottom of the chest a little different, just dont lock out during the movement to keep the strain off the tri's(like any set really). Im sure you already know to lower the bar inline with the bottom of your chest

  3. Its been said, and shown in some study's to activate the pec's more, but I find the movement to uncomfortable to perform.

  4. I do them a lot for triceps i do close grip reverse grip and done go all the way down about midpoint then up and lockout i feel it really good feels like a better rang of motion than standard close grip

  5. im currently using coans routine and my heavy assitance work is 3 to 4 sets of 4 to 6 reps of reverse grip floor press ill let u know how it goes... i have used regular reverse grip b4 and it really blew up my tris

  6. A good movement to throw in from time to time. Personally, with moderate weight, I concentrate on the slow negative and creating an intense slow positive contraction. That's how I roll.

  7. I swear by these for tricep development its all about finding the position that stimulates the triceps best for you. RGBP is my Widowmaker for triceps!For me I do them a bit wider then shoulder width, I do them on the smythe machine as well much more comfortable. Also, I do them with my butt off the bench and my lower back at the tip of the bench for more leverage. These are great if you know how to do them right.

  8. thanks for the advice everyone.

    ive just seen a reverse fly. when you get to the top your palms are facing your head and it says to squezze the dumbells together..

    havent tried it yet but will on my next chest day.


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