Off Days?

  1. Off Days?

    What do you guys think are the most important key elements to having a successfull off day and fueling your next 3 ON days?

  2. depending on your goals i like to eat ALOT on my off days to stay fueled and ready to go for the next heavy workout. Also a sufficient amount of sleep.

  3. Eating right. I like workout days because the entire days is structured, and after working out feel so good I have interested from straying from my diet, but off days I dont get the luxury, so thats it for me.

  4. eat normal amount(for me usually alot)....and possibly ice or go swim

  5. i actually eat more on my days off

  6. man i eat more everyday, not just off days lol i eat more on off days cause ur not training but resting, and i eat more on ON days because u need nutrients while u train. so just eat everyday alot. thats just me though. everybody is different P&J sandwich time!
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  7. That's very true, I just love food altogether. Its gonna suck when I gotta cut...but until then!

  8. what i ment to say was i cheat like a monkey on my days off. but now i cant do that anymore........its only two days into my cut and i miss the freedom. haha awell

  9. You should try and focus on eating more on training days since your maint. cals are going to be higher these days because of the training you're participating in. Anyway I think the most important thing on an off day is rest and relaxation.

  10. oh do i love relxation

  11. I agree with all of you, especially the rest and relaxtion. With all of the supplements and pre-workouts we take I think allot of us tax our CNS and a good days rest (and some Reset A.D.) can help fatigue!
    Do you guys suggest any extra supplements on OFF days? Maybe higher intake of BCAA's, Glutamine, Waxy-Maize? I am trying to bulk up.

  12. i do, i use more glutamine and seem to take just lil more of everything. thats just me though


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