Hi extreme pain in shoulder, but does not seem to be RC

  1. Hi extreme pain in shoulder, but does not seem to be RC

    Hey everyone im new here so i dunnow where to post this.I have recently started experiencing extreme sharp pain in my left front deltoid.there is a sweet spot which is tender and hurts when i press it.

    Imnot sure if this is RC injury coz iam able to perform lateral and front raise without any pain. pain occurs when i return from the top on a front raise to starting position .

    The pain is mostly high when my arm touches my body and not during the whole fly movement.I took a week off and am using anti-inflam and icing it to no avail. Should i continue my workouts??

    Also I first experienced it when i was doing 75lb dumbell curls for biceps.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated guys!!!!!

  2. A proximal bicep tendon maybe? If you are in lots of pain then you should get it looked at and not lift.

    I had a pain "inbetween" the front and side delt, somewhere deep in there. Dr said it was a slight bicep tendon injury. I hadn't done anything major to it and took a week off and started light after that. I wasn't in as lot of pain but it was nagging.

  3. Hey Robbo thanks for the advice, should I have it looked by a physiotherapist or someone else??Also the pain is not mild ,it feels like someone is tearing through my deltoid

  4. I think a Dr should see yours, the shoulder is a very complicated joint and you don't want it going wrong.

    All the best!

  5. def go to a dr or a pt. bicep tendon tendonitis sounds pretty accurate from experience but it can be alotta things

  6. yup like i said it is confirmed bicep tendonitis so any idea on a time frame before i can start upper body workouts again and btw thanx robbo!!!

  7. When you begin your sets, do you perform a warm-up at all? Or just jump into the lifts? I'd go see a GP to start with and see what he thinks. specialists are generally refrenced when the GP thinks you need surgery or physical therapy - typically when something is beyond the GP's head. In the matter of your question regarding the time frame: it's unknown due the fact we don't know what's wrong, we can hypothesize but someone who know's what they are looking for would be ideal on answering that question.

    Keep us updated bro.


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