for codywaters to complete.

this whole workout will be donein less than an hour with 30lb-50lb. vest on i used 30lb. last time,there will be zero rest only 1 minute break between each circuit there are 4 circuits the goal is strength, endurance,and heart all for functional strength.

weights may vary make it challenging, use medium weight for everything

circuit #1
Deadlift 3 sets 275lbs. 10 -20 reps

Jump squats 3 sets 10-20reps

pushups 3 sets 20reps

1minute break

Push press single arm 3sets 100lbs. 10-20reps

bb rows 200lb.3 sets 10-20 reps

power lunges 3sets 45lb. dumbells10-20 reps

1 minute break

body rows with vbar 3sets10 reps

body tricep extensions 3sets 10 reps

diamond pushups 10-20reps

1 minute break

circuit #4
1 arm curl 45lb. 3sets 10 reps

1 arm tri ext. 45lb. 3sets 10reps

1 arm side oblique side bends 3sets 10 resps 100lb. dumbell

1 minute break

heavy core core with vest still on planche hold 1 minute side planks all angles 1minute each 135lb. barbell leg raises with ankle weights, hanging leg raises,and other various medicine ball movements for core last is flutter kicks minimum 50reps.

if at anytime you must stop to take a break you failed you must continue with the cotton mouth also no water during only after.

i do this once a month normally i do heavy compounds exercises and use no machines.