Max OT training

  1. Max OT training

    Anybody try this? Been reading up on it recently and gonna incorporate it into my routine. It's based on training concepts and theories developed by Pro Natural Bodybuilder Jeff Willet.

  2. I had a client use it a year ago and his gains were significant.
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  3. It's a good switch up if you're wanting to see some improvements in your strength department. Make sure your diet is adequate and really make sure you warmup properly. I suggest doing some sort of preliminary warmups before what Max-OT recommends (warming up with the weights). You could do some ab workout for 5 minutes or warmup on a tredmil or something, just to get the CNS warmed up.

    But if you're training is a lot different than what Max-OT is, this routine will be a nice shock to your system.

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