Patellofemoral syndrome

  1. Patellofemoral syndrome

    So i just got back from the doctors office and had my leg x rayed. The saw nothing that was outta wack and then did some tests and told me that i had patellofemoral syndrome. Which means one part of my quad is stronger then the other. He told me that i need to take a NSAID and to work through the pain..

    Now that being said i need and exercise that will strengthen my inner quad muscle??? It appears that my outta quad is unproportional to my inner part....HELP!!! Any suggestions will help!

  2. try squating widder.

  3. I had this to happen about a year ago (my kneecap was offtrack). I went to rehab for a couple of days to see what they would do and then i just continued the routine until it was resolved, which took about 4 weeks. I rode a bike for 10 minutes at moderate intensity followed by squats, extensions, curls, side leg raises, and lunges. All were lightweight and really concentrated on the movement. I would say that the bike and leg raises helped me the most since everything else was already a part of my routine.
    Four weeks later and no more pain or awful grinding noises coming from the knee.

  4. Terminal Knee Extensions will probably help you out, they strengthen the VMO which pulls on the inside of your quads by your knees. Here is the link to how to do them****115
    *I am not a doctor so take this with a grain of salt, make sure to check with your doctor on these before doing them.

  5. Bro, i had this same problem, and ill tell you right now, i had like 10 different doctors look at my leg, and i did over a year and a half of physical therapy. The only thing that helped was just dealing with the pain momentarily, and a knee brace to keep your joint from offsetting. It sucks, but nothing really helps that well.



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