Routine for Size and strength. Help would be appreciated.

  1. Exclamation Routine for Size and strength. Help would be appreciated.

    Okay, so after going back and forth confusing the crap out of myself I have OFFICIALLY decided i just wanna be big as hell and be strong as hell, and I can always cut later. So. Heres the dealio. Bassssiicalllly.... I need help. I know how to get the strength down, its just the size that really never comes on with it. I dont know why, probably because im a newb and im doing nuthing right. Ha

    Heres the workout I basically made up myself. Im sure it will be amusing to some, but hey Im here for help. so keep that in mind.


    Flat bench: 1x10 135
    1x6 225
    1x4 285
    1x3 295
    1x2 305
    1x1 315
    (Negative) 1x3 375

    Close grip BB bench:
    1x4 225
    1x3 235
    1x2 245

    Wide grip BB bench:
    1x4 225
    1x3 235
    1x2 245

    Skull crushers:
    3xfailure (6-8 reps)

    DB Flys:
    3xfailure (6-8 reps)

    Cable tricep pushdowns:
    3xfailure (6-8 reps)

    lower cable flys:
    3xfailure (6-8 reps)

    1 arm cable pulldowns:
    3xfailure (6-8 reps)

    upper cable flys:
    3xfailure (6-8 reps)

    15 Minutes abs

    15 minutes medium pace treadmill

    Tuesday- Bis/Shoulders

    Standing bar curls:
    3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

    Incline dumbbell curls:
    3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

    One arm preacher curls (last set is a drop set):
    2 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

    Hammer curls:
    3 sets of 8-12 repetitions

    DB front and side raises:
    3 sets of 8-12 repetitions

    I need more shoulder exercises.. The others I use are basically made up. Dont know many others. So some input would defininantly be helpful here.

    after shoulders more 15 min abs and 15 treadmill

    Wednesday- legs/back

    1x10 135
    1x8 225
    1x4 365
    1x3 375
    1x2 385
    1x1 405

    1x4 385
    1x3 395
    1x2 405
    1x1 415

    front squats:
    3 sets of 6-8 reps

    weighted Lunges:
    3 sets to failure

    Lat pull down:
    Front 3xfailure (6-8)
    Back 3xfailure (6-8)

    cable crossovers:
    3xfailure (6-8)

    BB shrugs:
    3xfailure (6-8)

    (dont really know the name for it, it is some sort of sitting row)
    3xfailure (6-8)

    15 abs

    15 treadmill

    Thursday: rest/ab & cardio

    2 sets of 15 minute ab workouts

    10 minute intense biking

    15 minute Intesity intervaled running on treadmill.

    Soo..... Basically thats what I do. And I know i need some major help on it, but its a start. Also, my diet is pretty wacked up right now. So that would be very helpful as well. So just if someone has time. Please feel free to critique and help me out. Thanks a bunch guys.

  2. very simple but not so easy to execute. You need to eat every 2-3 hours, limit the cardio add creatine and a preworkout supp.

    Pre and Post WO shakes. Establish target weight
    pre WO 0.33g of target weight for carbs and half that for protein no fat carbs s.b low GCI(blend oats into ur shake)
    post WO 0.5g carbs and half that for protein no fat carbs s.b fast acting high GCI, i like waximaze taste like **** tho
    Eat one full meal one hour later include healthy fats

    these are by far your most important measl for mass and strength building PRE WO long lasting carbs to keeep you going and stay anabolic during ur WO. Post WO quick acting carbs deliver the protein to your fatigued muscles = growth/strength

    example target weight 230lb
    pr WO 230 x 0.33 = 76g carbs 38g protein
    po WO 230 x 0.50 = 115g carbs 57.5 protein

    You want big as hell so do a 6 month dirty bulk. Try and eat every 2 hours where possible, carry arounf protein powder so that you can suppplement on the go meals. Try isopure pure whey protein no carbs or fat can take scoop with each meal.

    Aim for overall balance 0f 40 40 20 prot carb fat

    Keep a log and count calories, not working up the calories

  3. training regime looks great

  4. in my opinion, your volume is too high. you only need 2 movements per muscle group to really blast your muscles and make them grow. i used to do a program similar to what you posted and i got shredded while on it, but when I switched to a Westside method i went from 165-195 in 2.5 years (and im a hard gainer). also, doing singles won't do you much good unless you're in a training cycle for a powerlifting meet, make your working sets in a 3-5 rep range and you should see better mass and over all strength gains from that. and like edwitt said, nutrition is very important, especialy your pre and post workout meals. if you have the money to spend i would recomend getting with a nutritionist, private message me if you want a few recomendations for one.

  5. i'm not so keen on doing biceps and walking into a back day, but that's me - it screws up my weighted chins numbers.

    keep in mind that balls to the wall mass is 50% diet related, so post up your diet.

  6. I have questions on the reps and sets. My base lifts like squat, bench, ect. should i be doing and staying real low reps for high weight? or should i be going with a little more reps on them? Also, on my supplementary work such as pushdowns, stuff like that. Should I be trying to go to higher reps for failure? or should I stay at the 6-8 failure range? Which would create more mass gains?

  7. ^^^Agree ^^^^^. Back usually comes first in my back and bi routine. Every so often I just dedicate an arm day to really prioritize the bi's and then I switch up the next arm day , tris first.

  8. your big compound/base movements (squat, bench, DL) should be done in a 3-5 rep range, i like to only do 2 working sets when im in that rep range cause the weight is going to be heavy as hell and after that second set i usualy can't get the same weight again for a third set.
    as far as accessory movements go, try to stay in 6-8 rep range repending on the movement; ex: skull crushers would be 6-8, but any kind of shoulder raise (front, side, rear) go for 10-12. but because of the principle of indivuality, just because my body repsonds to that, it doesn't mean you will. don't do any movement to fatigue/failure for a while, stick to a high weight low rep scheme for 4-5 weeks, then once your body is starting to get comfortable with that training, take one week to fatigue every muscle group throughout the week. i like to take 1 lift on each training day to do till failure on that week.

  9. everyone is different with how they choose to train. i'm a big fan of the "constant progression" idea. for example, say you dead 315x6 reps. when will you increase to 335? when will you try 8 reps? etc.

    i try and work on a 6-10 rep range - where if i can do 10 reps, i increase the weight and shoot for 6 reps. i keep trying to get one more rep every training day until i hit 10 reps again, then increase the weight, rinse, repeat.

    so long as you're always challenging yourself, you can do whatever you want - dropsets, supersets, giantsets, forced negatives, etc. i have found that at least for me, striving for that one more rep is the easiest way to track things.

    again, everyone is different here, and what may work best for me, may not be best for you - however always giving yourself a challenge is a consistent way to grow for everyone. its your choice on how you approach this.

  10. This is going to help me too!


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