Unusual Knee situation

  1. Unusual Knee situation

    Hey everyone,

    well i need some serious advice here please.

    Got an MRI on my knee last week, and it appears that I have completely torn my ACL but i unaware of it. They called it a Chronic Grade III torn ACL. So basically, ive had a completely torn ACL for over a year. Ive played football, cycled competitively, consistently lift (squats are my best lift, compete in Track (sprinter) for my college, and it has never bothered me. The doctor said he was totally blown away from this that my body has compensated for this and for how athletic i am. He said hes never seen anything like this! lol

    So the question is, should i get surgery? How long will i be out from lifting? Can i be back in the gym lifting upper body only within a week? When can i start walking? Whats the average recovery time?

    Thanks everyone!

  2. To be honest I really don't know. It would seem that however your body is compensating for this could eventually lead to further injury to other parts of your body, but that's just a guess. If it was me I would probably get the surgery, but it's something that you really should be discussing with your doctor and the surgeon.

  3. Dude...I need your knee. Mine is killing me. I tore my MCL when I was 14 and hurt it again a few months back. It popped and felt like something tore, but was fine a week later with minimal swelling the whole time. About a month ago it did the same thing, and has hurt constantly now. I've gotten an x-ray, dr request, and waiting for the results to see if he wants an MRI done next. I wear a flexible brace almost all the time and if surgery is needed, I'm most def doing it. I would talk with them and if they say go for it, just do it. Better to get it done now if suggested than wait til later and risk a more serious injury. But that's just me.

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