Sprinting vs Low Intensity Cardio

  1. Sprinting vs Low Intensity Cardio

    What do you guys think is better for cutting?

  2. HIIT Training (Sprinting), will boost GH which will aid in cutting.

  3. exactly, HIIT would be great for cutting.

  4. agreed!!

  5. Here is a quote from an article on four benefits to HIIT.

    1- Less muscle breakdown. I know you've heard that glucose is the only element used during HIIT and that's correct. HIIT is anaerobic work, but it is also much shorter than those slow jogs. Think about it, it would take you one hour of long and steady jogging to begin burning anytime of significant calories and once you're finished with it, you're done burning fat for the day. At the same time, HIIT is using glucose for 20 minutes and sky rocketing your metabolism for hours and hours after working out. Which burns more fat? HIIT.

    2- Less boring. Motivation is key to successful transformations; you have to want it. Which do you think you're going to look forward to? High intensity cardio. Why? It releases hormones that keep you motivated like epinephrine and norepinephrine. These hormones rush the the energy levels, making you burn about twice the calories. It is adrenaline. Think back to the first time you watched the Fast and The Furious and those guys hitting the nitrous oxide in their cars. That is your epinephrine kicking in.

    3- Less time. That's right. Burn MORE fat in LESS time. It always depresses me seeing the guy get up at four o'clock in the morning to do his one hour jog around the city, half asleep, and bored to death. I wonder what he would do if someone would tell him that he can burn the same calories in twenty minutes with a more motivating style of cardio.

    4- More power production. Power means work per unit of time. Essentially, this means your ability to explode and be quick at something. Sprinting increasing your ability to have a burst of performance. You get better at what you practice, so if you think slow jogging is going to have better carryover on the football field than fast sprinting and confusingly different paces of speed - you're wrong!
    Former Marine, UT-BSN, NSCA-CPT, NASM-CPT, CSCS

  6. I personally sprint hills as well, gives you more of a challenge. Slowly work your way up to bigger inclines.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by baby swole View Post
    I personally sprint hills as well, gives you more of a challenge. Slowly work your way up to bigger inclines.
    I actually prefer hill sprints over regular sprints as well. Next best thing to pushing a prowler.

  8. SO happy I was introduced to HIIT by reading a thread on this site. I love being able to bust out 15-20 minutes of cardio that is doing more for me than 40 boring minutes of medium jogging. Hopefully I'll have these abs showing for the beach this spring!

  9. HIIT is king of **** mountain for the time being, but do something that you find motivating is key.

    Steady-state cardio
    Hill Sprints

    personally i hate hiit, and stick with steady-state cardio. Hill sprints sound enjoyable though.

  10. HIIT for sure as focusman said, and baby swole for hills. including a combination of HIIT and hills you'll be skyrocketting your metabolic rate to incenerate fat, and including hills will increase the challenge, increase leg strentgh and GH levels all great for cutting!


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