when could i do 1 handed chin ups?

  1. when could i do 1 handed chin ups?

    I used to be able to do 5 pull ups 9 days ago after training (plus using x-factor and activate) i can do 11 how long would it take to do 1 handed chin ups?

  2. hi, well thats some freaky stuff right there. you gotta be very strong for your size to do it. i have a friend that can do a few but he has hardly any muscle at all, hes 6 foot tall and about 135 pounds.

  3. yeah and im like 200 pounds right now i just chose the most crazy training methods and some supplements im also trying to improve my grip now

  4. Haha I don't think anyone is going to be able to tell you that, buddy. It all comes down to mechanical leverage and muscle mass. If you have high points in both, being able to do one-handed pull-ups would be "easier" to achieve. If your build lacks that strong, mechanical leverage, you'd have to compensate with more muscle mass, but even then, one-handed pull-ups would be fairly difficult. I mean, I'm pretty stout in the bodyweight exercises department (pull-ups, dips, ect..) and I still can't do one the last time I checked. When you're using two hands to do regular pull-ups, you gain a whole lot of mechanical leverage. When you're hanging by one arm, the situation changes because now you have to pull your body weight using less than 50% of the muscle you were using in two-handed pullups at a major leverage disadvantage.

    But if you trained your ass off, you'd eventually be able to do them. If it's a personal goal, go for it. It would be fun to be able to do them. I'm the type that would rather look like someone who could do one-handed pull-ups!

    Good luck

  5. I can do about 5 or 6 one handers. I can do about 35 regular pull-ups. I can do 1 or 2 pull-ups with 100 lbs hanging.

    I think when you can add like 50 lbs to one pull-up, one handers will start to get easy. Also, when you hit point where you're doing sets of 25, the grip (pull-up, chin-up, close-grip) stops mattering.

    Also, maybe It's just me, but doing true one handers, with one hand at your side is not THAT much harder than the ones where you grip your wrist, but I always feel like I'm going to hurt myself. So watch out.

  6. what the hell, lets make a poll

    i say he'll be able to do one in 2 months, 6 days, and 5.2 hours.

  7. very cool guys sure make a poll im also adding ultima to the mix which should help power

  8. i can do like 8 with my wrist gripped, but if i try a regular one hand i feel like im gonna rip my bicep

  9. Well, I would say once you can do about 50 regular pullups with good form, none of that kipping crap, then you're close. BTW, I can't do one. Also, when you hold your wrist with other hand, that's not "one handed pullup"

  10. Not to be the downer of the group, but it's entirely possible to never be able to do a true one handed pull up. Regardless of how many regular ones you can do and how long you train. Just saying.
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  11. also about weighted sit ups how much is possible i want to be able to do 50 kg or maybe more someday is that possible?

  12. You will be able to three weeks from today.

    The first time I ever did a one handed chinup (referring to supinated grip) I was able to also compensate for 26 straight unassisted chinups.

    Just keep working at it. Try not to focus on developing it through one arm without the other; that develops imbalance.
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  13. Ironloo
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    well you have to gain the tendon strength weighted static holds muscle ups 1 handed rows set after set of pullups.now being realistic if your doing 11 pullups i say hard work determination maybe 1-3 more years before you will be able to perform.

  14. Let me add another thing.

    Grip strength is another factor. It takes a lot of grip strength to hold and pull your bodyweight from a pullup, but it takes double the grip strength to hold and pull yourself up with only one hand.

    Maybe practice holding yourself with just one hand with each hand for about 10 seconds a piece.
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