Obliques help

  1. Obliques help

    I need some good oblique exercises guys, my girl is obsessed with obliques and mine are ok, but would love to make them bigger, any suggestive workouts would be highly appreciated, any cable work outs??

  2. First thing is first: stick to your basic movements that involves core involvement. Movements like squats, overhead presses, pullups, front squats, and maybe some direct core/oblique work.

    I would recommend suitcase deadlifts over any other exercise for development of specific obliques.

    For extra accessory oblique work, you could side planks:

    Another method is when performing specific hanging leg raises, cross your feet for an equal amount of reps. Perform 10 reps of left leg crossed, then perform 10 reps of the right leg crossed.

    Good luck.
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  3. Ha, suitcase deadlifts is exactly what I was going to recommend but you beat me to it.

  4. I'm a big fan of the russian twist for some oblique action. It's also good for sports.

    Large obliques seems like an odd thing to want. They tend to make your waist look thicker.
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  5. I'd recommend just adding some twisting movements in with your regular ab work. Also, check out side bends. If you use weight your obliques will get larger and as a result your waist will look wider. I'd recommend only doing the exercises that will keep your obliques tight rather than making them bulky.

    Also, after every set of abs, do some stomach vacuums for 15-20 seconds. At the end of your midsection workout, do more stomach vacuums. If you've never done them, give them a try during your abs workouts and you'll probably enjoy it.

  6. Twisting more than a few degrees during ab exercises can be quite dangerous. When it comes to showcasing your obliques, I would say decreasing your overall bf% would be far more effective than expending so much time and effort trying to bulk up your waist.

  7. Cut obliques look pretty sick...

    Exhibit A (no homo) - Pitt from Fight Club:

    Exhibit B - Pink:

    I've never thought much of Pink - her face says former Meth addict - but her body is slamming! I've always been pretty impressed with how cut her obliques look.

  8. haha i'm gunna do these too cus i want more defined obliques. thanks

  9. lol i have a low BF% as is im pretty thin guy around the waist and bigger obliques will make you look a bit bigger IMO. umm. Stomach vacumes? would this be just Sucking in your stomach>? and lol my obliques are at par or better than brad pitts in that pic.

  10. When you do your twists, only twist to the point where you can really contract your obliques. Doing side bends and then adding some twisting movements to your ab work is all you really need to get your sides tight.

    Avoid weighted obliques exercises unless you want a wider waist.


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