Overall strength loss yay?

  1. Overall strength loss yay?

    alrighty i just started gym again it looks like ive lost 10 to 15 pounds of strength on each exercise i do wether its barbell curl,incline chest press, lat pull down ect. Like wtf can somebody explain how i can lift heavy again i feel weak atm and after my workouts i take that muscle tech crap anabolic halo that makes me drowsy wtf?

    im 5"11 175 pounds

    my split routine is
    mon - bi's back and shoulders
    tues - legs and cardio
    wed - chest and tris
    thur - monday
    friday - tuesday
    saturday -wednesday
    sunday - chillax rest time

    Fml seriosly

  2. Could you give a bit more info?

    How much were your lifts before and after, and how long were you away from the gym?

  3. no shoulders? no abs?

  4. I just came back from taking a 4 month break.... the first week i felt like i was a huge wimp, just stick it out, its been a little over a month and i've gained 10lbs of lean mass, and my lifts are right back to where they were when I left off. Anabolic Halo sucks, protein shake and some creatine instead, and its a lot cheaper

  5. not eating enough



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