Knee problem during Squats

  1. Knee problem during Squats

    Today i just did my warm up sets 135,185,225....After my 2nd warm up set i started to feel the pain. Which i really dont understand because i put 315 up as my finishing set last week. The pain is in the inside part of my leg. I know ill hear alot that 99% of injuries are from form, but i know my form it almost spot on.

    Ive had this problem for about 2 years and it comes and goes. that last thing i want to do is to quit squats, but everytime i get on the squat rack it the only thing that crosses my mind.... Anyone have an idea what it might be?

  2. are your knees going past your toes? maybe have someone watch that part of your form.

  3. Post a video of your form. Are you sure you're breaking parallel? Are you keeping your toes at 30 degrees? Are you driving the weight using your hips like you should be?
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