First off, i want to say waz up to everyone as i am new here and looking to get some advice from more knowledgeable people.

Now that i got that out the way let me give you some background.

I'm 20 yrs old i started training about 9 months ago and i was 120lbs, yes i was really skinny, about 7 months since i started training i managed to get to 152lbs so i gained 32lbs in 7 month which was my peak weight. Now its been 9 months and i started working so i haven't been eating as much as i should which has caused me to go down a couple pounds im currently at stuck at 144lbs.

My routine is:
Monday: chest bicep
Tuesday: shoulders traps
wednesday: back tricep
Thursday: Legs
Friday Chest bicep

All im taking right now is usplabs jack3d and nothing else, and no i did not shoot up to gain the 32 lbs.

I dont really have a diet other then eat when im hungry so please recommend one for me along with any routine changes, etc.

Thanks in advanced.