can i replace squats with another exercise

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    No, I am not disagreeing with that last statement at all haha, and yes I meant using the same weight, using only the exercise as the medium. I also agree with the lower back part and the difference on weight on a trained individual. I think only focusing on one or the other would severely compromise someone.If I had to only do one I would probably do high bar squats as they seem the best of both worlds in functionality. As it stands I do low bar BS and FS. Maybe we all like training legs too much ja?:
    If we're talking about the same weight then yes the front squat is harder using the same weight, but if you can front squat something you could back squat much more weight (if your legs have been trained properly).

    I think we all just like training legs far too much; it is a good trait though.

    I speak more of low back squats, but my style of squatting have always been high bar (Olympic squats) and I agree with you that they are more functional.
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  2. easily can replace them with curls. in thesquat rack

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    Not the same as zercher. Here is a vid, you can find many more just by typing in front squat to youtube. For arm placement some people hold them like in this video, others cross their arms almost like they are doing the universal sign for choking except their hands are not actually on their throat, but past it more towards the shoulders. You'll see it in the vids if you look them up.

    YouTube- Front Squats are used for CrossFit as an exercise to improve posture and power during training
    Those look great, except I would worry that she drops down a little too fast. Other than that - awesome!



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