Am I defeating the purpose of the routine?

  1. Am I defeating the purpose of the routine?

    I've been doing the same s*** for too long and I want to change. I've been doing crossfit type stuff for a while. I'm an "advanced" lifter I guess, but definitely not elite in any category; I still cant quite bench 300 and deadlift 500 on my best effort.

    So if I do the Bill Starr 5x5, or something similar and short but intense cardio on the off days (2 miles in about 13 min or intervals), am I totally defeating the purpose. I'm willing to mitigate gains to keep up with my cardio, but I'm worried that this is just not going to work at all.

  2. what are your goals here?

    obviously if you do 5x5 (maximal effort) and then go running the next day you're either going to have substandard 2 mile run times, or end up going light on squats.

    if you had to pick a goal, what would it be?
    vascular/lean look
    big/adding mass
    overall fitness (athletic oriented)

  3. I would say overall fitness, my goals are always performance based. I would sacrifice the running time though. I'm taking the firefighter exam in like 6 months which means running stairs and VO2 max are important so I was gonna try to work on strength for like 2-3 months before training specifically for the test. I do want to keep running and stairs in the routine at least somewhat.

  4. 5x5 and running is probably what suits you best then. if i may also suggest farmers walks, including going up and down the stairs will help you get used to lugging around all that gear. just keep your protein intake high, and add in some carbs before your workout.

  5. I would look into the wendler program, its a great program and is gaining a lot of popularity
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  6. What's 5x5?

  7. i'm serious about the farmers walks. ask the academy instructor how much your gear weighs - it ain't easy, especially that + dragging someone. i really think you're on the right track with doing what you are doing, and you'll need to have some level of cardiovascular shape to pull off academy.

  8. Yeah, they use 70 lbs for the steps part of the exam, and the dummy is 140 lbs or 180 lbs. I'll definitely throw in some farmers walks, and I have a borrowed 40 lb vest, so I can walk/run steps a bit too. But in 10-12 weeks, I'm really gonna focus on the test, so I'll be farmers walking and step climbing my ass off.

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