deadlifts day after shrugs?

  1. deadlifts day after shrugs?

    Is it bad to deadlift the day after doing shoulders with heavy shrugging? Or should I give a day or rest between these?

  2. I don't think so it's completly different

  3. shoudn't really effect your performance, your grip maybe a little weaker, but why shrug when your already deadlifting? i guess... if your trap development is really lacking

  4. I read Dead Lifts build traps (same as shrugs)

  5. When you do deadlifts, your shrugs aren't working through a full range of motion but they're still being worked a lot because they have to contract to act as stabilizing muscles. If you wanted to do shrugs, I'd go ahead and just throw in some shrugs after deadlifts like you would biceps after back, or triceps after shoulders. I wouldn't do very many sets of shrugs, maybe 2-4 total sets for traps.



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