starting cycle of havoc and i am looking for the best possible workout. I am willing to lift up to six times a week. I want to work legs atleast once a week. I am really trying to add my size on in my arms and try to get the abs more cut up. Any workout suggestions will be much appreciated. Sets and Reps PLEASE!

  2. try bill starrs 5x5 if your completely clueless. or else try full body workouts monday, wednesday and friday. change up the reps each day and use 4-6 compound lifts total

  3. there is no "best" workout. if you dont already know what lifts benefit you or even how to design your own plan, you shouldnt be on a PH.

  4. no i have a good plan already i used to do a five day, and now im bluking on a 3 day. I am just wondering what other guys have tried when using a similar product i want to get the most bang for my buck and i thought that by using a ph i maybe could lift maybe even six days a week....

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