hamstring and hip opening..

  1. hamstring and hip opening..

    So recently I started getting a tightness in my lowerback. I never used to stretch either before or after my workouts but now I am getting into the habits of stretching before my workouts and occosionally on off days. I have been told my hips and hamstrings are a very probable link to my back aches. My legs and hips are extremely tight as I can barely touch my toes or do many stretches. So I am thinking of doing so yoga to help and am looking for a general direction. Either what yoga moves or stretches will be good for my hips and hamstrings or any other suggestions anyone can offer to help open them up and stretch em out a bit.

    Many thanks
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  2. I highly recommend the DVD Magnificent Mobility by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson.

    You should be doing static stretching AFTER workouts only, dynamic stretching BEFORE workouts, and you need to be doing foam rolling if your not already.

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