Compression Bands?

  1. Compression Bands?

    So i have started getting the little "Lifting Tweeks" going on with my body. Im getting the Strain feeling in my elbow, The shhoting pain down the side of my forearm to my wrist. You know the one were you dont want to release the bar. And lastly the Shoulder ache, No pain when i push but certain movements are like Owe.

    Question is I notice alot of the old timers with wraps that go past around there elbow bout 8" above and below and they wrap there Wrist. Is this for that reason? Im willing to give it a try. Any thoughts

  2. Do you ever do a deload?

  3. I have the same thing. Mine started with a cop puting hand cuffs on me to question me for something and iwasn't even under arrest. He was just scared of me. I asked him to put two hand cuffs because i'm too wide for one. 2 weeks later I went to the doctor and got zero help. Its been nine months. Never had to use any wraps all my life and I don't know what to do. And yeah i'm an old timer. Someone said to use a strap for tennis elbow but i haven't tried it. I have days that are worse than others.

  4. Do you ever do a deload?
    ???????????? No clue what that is.

  5. I also just now ordered me some animal Flex. How good is this stuff really? I have heard crazy good things about this supp

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Lou villian View Post
    ???????????? No clue what that is.
    Basically it's when you take about a week off from your regular training. This can be done many different ways but the basic idea is to lift lighter weights, less reps, less sets, less days, or some combination of it. It's to give your body and CNS a chance to recover. If you lift hard all the time and never give your body a break you will wear your body down.

  7. I need a week off. I just feel like i cant do it. Its almost like work you get so used to doing it. I think i will do a real light week and just get a little pump then do some light Cardio. At least that way i can say i did something


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