Currently 5'7" 165 estimated 11-12% bf

goal is to keep strength cut bf and increase endurance

my diet is a clean 1500 cals w 175 g protein an 120g carbs

i do cardio in the mornings and lift in the evenings

mon- chest and tris
45 min liss upon waking
evening workout
bench- 5x10 40 sec between sets
incline- 5x10 40 sec between
close grip bench- 5x10 40 sec between
cable crosses- 5x10 40 sec between
rope pull downs- 3x15 40 sec between
superset pec dec and push downs 3 sets to failure

tuesday- back and bis

pullups- 3x10
preacher curls- 4x10
standing dunbell curls- 3x10
wide grip lat pull down- 3x10
close grip lat pull down- 3x10
iso curls- 3x10
close grip rows- 3x10
wide grip rows- 3x10
burnout preacher curls- start at 10 lbs go up to failure 6 reps each than back down

wednesday- legs shoulders abs
calf raises- 5x10
kicks- 5x10
hamstring curls- 5x10
plate squat machine- 5x12
burnout calf raises
superset hamstring curls and kicks 2x
lightweight high rep squats

front raises 3x10
side raises 3x10
arnold press i think its called?? Curl 2 dumbells up than military press than come out laterally back to starting ppoint- 3x10
military press- 4x10

elbow to knee decline crunches- 2x25
weighted decline crunches- 3x25
cable crunches- 2x20
leg raises- 2x20

20 min liss

thursday off-

Friday- repeat mon
sat- repeat tues
sun- repeat wed

how does that plan look