Best tactic for a sixer

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    Best tactic for a sixer

    So im about 190 lbs at 6'1'' and I'm guessing 15 BF% from a P90Xish workout. I'm looking to get the 6 pack going, which or which combination will work best?

    1 Reduce Calories (I'd prefer not to)
    2 Reduce Carbs
    3 Add morning cardio session 2-3 per week
    4 Add reps to current afternoon workout

    Also, how much muscle should I expect to lose in the process?

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    There is a book called Underground Bodyopus: Militant Weight Loss & Recomposition. I recommend it. It is possible to get cut and maintain even increase strength. As for how much muscle should you expect to loose in the process is to broad. Even with all the facts at hand people would only be guessing. You don't say how much your reducing calories / carbs by, what a morning cardio session involves (is it 30 minutes? 60 minutes?, what intensity (HR) is it at?), how many reps or what weight are being added to the afternoon session. With all respect i think you need to give your brain more of a workout as this question and the way it is posted suggest you like the idea of a six pack but have put no real thought into just what it is that your are trying to do. If you had you would have posted with a proposal for critique and at least some information on how you came to conclude that your proposal(s) are justified in additional to important pieces of information. I guess what I am trying to say is that if you ask a 'poor' question you will only get 'poor' answers. I'm not having a dig, Im' trying to encourage you to ask a good question so you get good answers.
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    1. Stop doing just P90X and start lifting weights
    2. Do either morning cardio or sprint sessions
    3. Slightly reduce calories
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