advice for program

  1. advice for program

    I started lifting at the end of my senior year of high school into the summer, and lifted for about 4 or 5 months. At first I did whatever the person I was going with did, and eventually settled into doing 3x8 of working sets, figuring I would gain good muscle size as well as strength in that area. I went 3 times a week, and did leg one day, push excercises the next day(bench, military press, dips etc.) and then did pull the last day(deadlift, pullups, dips). I did only compound excercises, except for i did curls during my pull day. I was skinny when I started, and ate tons. decently clean, to bulk. It worked pretty well and I got bigger and stronger, and put on about 20 pounds. Then college happened. I didn't lift at all during college and lost muscle while getting more fat from tons of bad foods and beer. With a shirt on I still looked almost the same, a little smaller with more of a belly however. Now since I came home for winter break, I've been working out again. I am using the same routine as before, except now I am doing cardio 2 times a week, and not eating as much as possible, definately not a cut though. So far I have almost gotten back to my original lifts, and have lost some weight as well. I am almost 6' 1", 210 lbs, and idk my bf %, but if i clench my abs, you can sorta see the top half of abs through my belly if that gives you an idea. My lifts are squats :215 for 3X8, same for deadlifts, bench :140 for 3x8.
    I know it's said many times keep doing what works, but do you think I would benefit more from keeping this up, or doing a beginner lifting program such as starting strength or something similar. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Also, I forgot to add that I am more concerned with concentrating on hypertrophy than with strength, although I realize they go together to a certain extent.

  3. do you want to cut, gain size or gain strength. pick one

  4. I'm looking to gain size. But I was hoping to use my beginner's gains to be able to gain size, while slowly losing some fat, which has worked so far this month. Do you recomend going on a full bulk or cut?

  5. i would cut then bulk, but if its not a long term commitment it really doesn't matter
    check this thread out it has a lot of good info on clean bulking.
    Gaining mass in a nutshell (a big nutshell)

  6. thanks for the article!
    and I'm planning on making it a long term commitment, and I think I'm going to take your advice. It makes sense to cut because I can probably even gain muscle while cutting with my beginners gains, and then when im down enough fat go into a full bulk.


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