What body type am I based on these measurements?

  1. What body type am I based on these measurements?

    I had my friend help measure me today and here are my measurements. Keep in mind my arms are small, because I always over trained them and when I got a good routine, I got injured and haven't worked out in 4 months. Anyway here are my measurements.

    17cm wrist
    32.2cm bicep
    38.4cm calf
    59.5cm thigh
    97cm waist
    99.5cm chest
    123.3cm shoulders (all the way around)

  2. You can't tell what your body-type is based on your measurements alone. To get an idea of your body-type you need to know height, weight, skinfolds, girths, but more importantly your bone breadths (if you do not have these then knowing body composition is useless), how your body responds to nutrition and exercise, etc.

    Most people are not any one body-type, but a bit of each, with one dominant and a secondary dominant type. For example, I am a meso-endo, which means that I am predominantly mesomorphic, but also have endomorphic traits; I have a very small ectomorphic component to my make-up.

    And always remember that you can "change" your body-type over time as well, and that whatever body-type you are at any given time is just a SNAPSHOT of what you are at THAT time. For example, I can increase my ectomorphic component if I get leaner, or if I got excessively fat from overeating and no training I would appear to be more endomorphic.

    The best way to possibly get an idea of what your body-type is generally would to see what characteristics you have when you do NOT train and just eat whatever.

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  3. Well I haven't trained in four months and my chest still bulges out and my quads are still big, or atleast appear big. I have a gut, but I do not appear fat. I can gain muscle very easily in my chest, quads and calves, I don't know about my arms or shoulders, because like I said I've always over trained them. I noticed I got good gains in my legs and chest when I ate 4-5 meals a day. I can eat a lot and only gain a little fat.

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