Cant lift for the next 3 weeks?

  1. Cant lift for the next 3 weeks?

    I recently pulled my rhomboid muscle from continous lifting and at work moving heavy boxes etc... I went to a personal trainer i know and she felt the knot and said i would be out for about 3 weeks? I have been lifting the past 6 months using creatine (anabolic switch, ce2) protein (wheybolic 60, carnivor) and pre workout (white flood, ragNOrok, jack3d) will i lose any of my gains, strength, stamina etc??? And does anyone know anything that will help my pulled muscle other than heat patches, ibuprofen, rest, massage, and icing???

  2. You do need some rest and ice, but don't simply stop all activity unless you absolutely have to. If there are any movements you can do without making the injury worse, do those things while it is healing. Also start some rehab work for the muscle once the initial inflammation calms down (usually within a few days or at most a week). If it is a rhomboid start doing some type rows with very, very light weight making sure to roll the shoulder blades forward at the bottom and squeezing them together at the top. Do a few sets of 20-50 reps at least 4x/week. Gradually work up in weight over a few weeks until you are back to normal. This increases blood flow to the muscle to aid healing and also provides a stimulus to get the connective tissue to heal with proper orientation to prevent adhesions. For the first couple weeks you should probably ice the area after these rehab sessions to keep the inflammation from re-appearing.

  3. i agree with the above. it shouldnt fully ground you. hopefully its gone in a few days. i like heat as well, especially at night.

  4. ok thanks yeah at this point im pretty limited even getting in and out of bed and getting dressed is painful once it feels good throughout the day ill slowly work back into lifting.

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