Exercise while on bum ankle

  1. Exercise while on bum ankle

    First post...I'm tired and didn't see an injury forum so forgive me if there is...
    anyway, this sucks...
    Right above my ankle my leg is jacked up. I'm not sure if it's a high ankle sprain or what but at first (3 weeks ago) it was in severe pain...no swelling, but I couldn't apply any pressure to it. About a week ago it was feeling better so I decided to go for a mile. I usually run about 20 miles a week and now I can't do jack. It still hurts, I have been icing it and haven't been doing any cardio or running or leg work but it just isn't back to normal. I can't go to a doctor because like i said it is getting better, AND i don't have insurance.
    let me also say that I am on the anabolic diet right now.
    Anyway, I am really needing to keep my strength up as far as my runs are concerned. What the heck can I do cardio wise to make sure that when i start running again I won't lose much time/strength and also I want to keep some sort of cardio in my workouts? Any exercise or healing suggestions? Thanks.

  2. First off let me say sorry about the injury. They can be very frustrating.

    The only thing I can suggest is time off. If you feel the need to maintain some kind of cardio while your leg heals you can try bicycling or maybe swimming. This will at least get the weight of of it while you heal. I can tell you that I have stretched ligaments in my ankles on many occassions and what always help me get better was soaking it in hot water and epsom salt. Hope this help you.

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