Rip apart this routine....just be nice

  1. Rip apart this routine....just be nice

    I would like some feed back on this routine. I’m not looking at getting huge. I want to get add about 10 lbs of muscle and lose a little more fat. Not looking to do this overnight.
    I have a 4 day split with 2 days off a week. My days off will change every week because of my work schedule; nothing can be done about this. Sometimes the off will fall after a chest day sometimes after a leg day….etc
    (sample 5 week schedule)

    I would like to keep a split like below but willing to change rep numbers add sets…etc.
    I do hack squat instead of normal squats because of my right knee. Squats kill my knee and I feel it for days later with affects other days.

    Cardio---- Everyday 10 min of low impact as a warm-up. 3 days a week I do 20-30 min of low impact or run out side for 20-30 min.

    Day 1
    One done with BB and one with DB alternating each time
    Flat Bench 4x6-8
    Inlcine Bench 4x6-8
    Fly (cable or DB)

    2 of the following
    Skull crushers 3x10
    Push downs 3x10
    Overhead rope 3x10
    Rope Pull Down 3x10

    Day 2
    Stiff Leg Dead-lifts 4x8
    T-bar Row 4x8
    Pull ups 3x5
    Something else for Lats…..V bar pull down or DB row
    Shrugs DB or BB 3x10

    2 of the following
    DB curls 3x10
    BB curls 3x8
    Hammer curls 3x8

    Day 3
    DB press 3x8
    Front raise 3x8
    Side raise 3x8
    Reverse fly 3x8
    BB Press 3x8

    Day 4
    Leg press-4x8
    Hack squat 4x8
    Lunges 4x15

  2. ill start with the legs... if your not doing alot of volume for legs u should squat. Its a big movement and ive noticed the more bigger movements you do and the heavier you do the better i burn fat.. Id do 3 x 8 or 3 x 5 on squat realtively heavy...

    Day 3 for shoulders you dont need to do DB press and shoulder press there pretty much the same. otherwise it looks ok

    Day 2 - dont do stiff leg deadlift thats for your hamstrings. do regular deads. and for biceps do DB or Barbell curls and Hammer dont drop the hammer curls. because db and barbell are about the same.

    Day 1 looks good but id do 3 tricep movements.. 1 mass builder such as overhead barbell extentions, reverse or close grip bench. then skull crushers then pulldowns..

  3. Thanks. Do I need to do 3 bi like the tri or is 2 ok?

    Good note about the deadlift. Can't belive I missed that.

    What about sets and reps? Look good?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by firedoghfd View Post
    Thanks. Do I need to do 3 bi like the tri or is 2 ok?

    Good note about the deadlift. Can't belive I missed that.

    What about sets and reps? Look good?
    well ur bi's should be pumped up good enough from heavy deadlifts and rows and pullups.. so i think 2 should be good...

    the sets and reps look good. i said 3 sets on tris because pulldowns are like take home tests.. they just make u feel good when u do good on em.. you need more heavy movements for triceps which will = faster arm growth.

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