Help design my routine

  1. Help design my routine

    hey guys I need some ideas in designing a new routine for me.

    Ive been doing the typical 2on-1off-2on-2off body building type split.

    I'm getting back into wrestling/ju jitsu and will be doing tournys etc. So since my time will be cut in the gym i'll be switching over to more of a 3xweek powerlifting functional strength routine.

    Going on a M-W-F routine. i have 3 exercises that i MUST do that work for me and have given good strength increase are- front squats, hang cleans, romanian dead lifts.

    I can't decide how i want to split them yet. maybe squats/dead lifts on the same day or split them mon to fri. any ideas would be appreciated on a whole routine

  2. Do 1 big lift each day then some support work as well. Squats on M, hang cleans W, deads on F.

  3. If you're going to be lifting three times per week, I'd recommend doing something like push/pull/legs. So the push muscles would be chest, shoulders and triceps. Pull muscles would be back and biceps. Legs is pretty self-explanitory. I think you could do abs on whatever day you "feel" like you could do a good ab workout. That's what I do. If my abs feel fresh, I'll work them pretty hard, but I don't do that every day. I average about 3-4 times per week. You could probably work your calves twice per week if you wanted to, though once per week would be sufficient if you trained them really hard. As far as forearms go, if you want to work them directly, I'd work them on pull day since they will already be getting a lot of work from back and biceps exercises.

    Compound movements are what you want to gear your workouts towards. Like the above poster said, you can center your workouts around one big lift. You could do hang cleans on your push day, but I'd also recommend doing a bench pressing movement as well, since bench presses heavily involve the pecs, delts and triceps. For pull day you could do some deadlifts, though I'd find a way to also incorperate a heavy rowing movement as well, such as bent-over barbell rows. For legs day you'd obviously want to do squats. I'd pick full ROM squats (ass to ground) over front squats. Full squats tend to fully work the quads, hamstrings and buttocks. Front squats tend to emphasize the quads since the movement forces you to keep your back really straight. I think you just get a lot more out of full squats. Front squats are something I would personally add to my workouts to complement full squats. Do a little searching, either using Google or the search function for this forum and I'm sure you'll find plenty of 3 day routines.

    Peace, bro

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